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Maintenance Matters: Outboard Engine Services and Why You Need It

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Mobile Mariner | Jensen Beach | Outboard Engine Service

Who Needs Their Outboard Engine Serviced?

Caring for your boat can be dirty business, but just like any other

operational equipment: consistency is key. Besides maintaining a clean hull and deck, you need your engine serviced. Your engine deserves

a dedicated upkeep to provide a long and healthy life. Better management practices for your vessel are rather simple when you remain consistent, and you can have the peace of mind you deserve when cruising the open seas.

Your annual outboard engine service is commonly known as a 100 Hour Service.

When Do I Need My Engine Service?

Environments that your boat may enter can be harsh. Servicing your outboard engine not only expands the engine's lifetime, but it also helps your boat perform at its peak. From sunlight to humidity, or even the water itself (fresh, brackish, salt-it doesn't matter) can be challenging and put a damper in your boating season if you are not up-to-date on your engine services. Small issues like corroded terminals, low trim fluid, and wasted zinc anodes can be caught during your service and be administered to before it has the chance to escalate and become a worse (and more expensive) problem. 100 hour services should be annual if you are a seasonal boater or twice a year if you cruise year-round.


What Does a 100 Hour Engine Service Include?

100-Hour engine services include the following:

  • Engine Inspection

  • Engine Oil Replacement

  • Engine Oil Filter Replacement

  • Fuel Water Separator Replacement

  • Lower Unit Gear Oil Replacement

  • Grease Points Refilled

  • Inspect/Replace Propeller

  • Inspect/Replace Impeller

  • Inspect/Replace Lower Unit Seal

  • Inspect/Replace Anodes

  • Inspect/Replace Thermostats

  • Inspect Steering Brackets and Engine Mounts

There are other hour services that can be performed as early as 20 hours, and you can also have services at 300, 500, and 1000 hours. However, 100 hour services are not optional. Unless you want to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea (and drowning in repairs that could have been prevented), you need to keep your engine healthy. Providing Peace of Mind

The Mobile  Mariner | Jensen Beach | Florida | Outboard Engine Service

The Mobile Mariner is committed to providing quality boat maintenance and repair service right at your home, dock, or slip. We troubleshoot the problem on the spot and work both diligently and efficiently to provide you with a solution. Our focus is to provide quality service, customer satisfaction, and the peace of mind you deserve.

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